About Us

In 2019, a storied duo of product designers set out to create refreshing & original play experiences for children. The brainchild of decades worth of experience developing innovative goods in the toy, novelty and gift categories, Good Banana was formed.



Our goal is to create products that brighten any smile, all the while encouraging your child’s imagination with uniquely comforting and colorful appeal. OK, ok, enough storytime—come on in and meet the Good Banana family!


"Hey there, I'm Andrea! I connect retailers with Good Banana so they can offer our products to their own customers. Nothing makes me happier than hearing success stories from the shops that have trusted us to make their assortment truly stand out."

Favorite Childhood Tame:



"Hello! My name is Andrés. I create and shape our ideas into tangible experiences. Every product we develop has to truly earn the Good Banana label with a unique sense of wonder and joy. Throughout the entire process, I'm in a constant hunt for that special something."

Favorite Childhood Toy:
Team America Marauder Stunt Chopper



"Nice to meet you! My name is Eric and I try to make discovering Good Banana as memorable and impactful as I can. My own experiences as a proud parent have allowed me to amplify those treasured moments that make being a kid such fun."

Favorite Childhood Toy:
The Knight Rider Big Wheel



"Hello and welcome to good Banana. I'm Steve, and I've been developing fun products for over 20 years. I had always wanted to create the kind of products that my own children would have been ecstatic about. They're grown now, but being the founder of Good Banana allows me to live that dream every day."

Favorite Childhood Toy:
The Milton Game