Good Banana’s Authorized Retailer Policies

Thank you for your interest in retailing Good Banana! We are committed to delivering the highest quality products while maintaining our highly respected brand image with our customers. Sign and return this completed document to your Good Banana representative.


General Sales and Distribution Policies

In order to obtain and maintain “Authorized Retailer” status, the retailer agrees to adhere to all stated terms and conditions as they relate to Good Banana:

►  Retailer must have a verifiable physical retail storefront (aka "Brick & Mortar") unless otherwise a strictly e-commerce owned website

►  Retailer will notify Good Banana of all retailer DBA's, websites, and physical locations

►  Retailer will not sell on marketplaces including, but not limited to:,,,,

►  Good Banana strictly prohibits its retailers from selling to other retailers, distributors, or resellers

In the event that a retailer has sold Good Banana or related product(s) in a manner that violates this policy, we may:

►  Suspend product shipments

►  Prohibit retailer use of intellectual property 

► Refuse or terminate Authorized Retailer Status

3rd Party Online Sales Policy

We recognize that online 3rd party marketplaces can be disruptive to our retail partners brick & mortar business. Due to this, we have implemented the below sales and distribution policy to help protect your margins while continuing to offer our line of fun and profitable products to your customers.

Good Banana products may not be sold on third party marketplaces such as nor any other marketplace, auction, or classified ads websites. These include but are not limited to:,,, and more. Sellers active in these channels will be responded to immediately and this policy is strongly enforced. By eliminating all 3rd party sellers, we’re confident we can manage the retail pricing more effectively with and other online marketplaces.

In the event that Good Banana verifies that a retailer has sold or distributed goods in a manner that violates this policy, we may:

Prohibit use of our intellectual property and report the violation to, or the corresponding website

► Refuse or terminate Authorized Retailer Status

Below is an outline of the terms and conditions, and our distributions policies. You may request and agree to them by signing the .PDF form here or complete our Retailer Application.  If you agree, please submit the agreement online, or send the .PDF to your sales representative as soon as possible to ensure that business will not be interrupted.

We truly appreciate your business, and believe these steps are necessary to maintain a fair and competitive marketplace. Should you have any questions please contact your Good Banana account representative.  

Any exceptions to the policy must be approved in writing by the President of Good Banana. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.